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Who among us doesn’t have a favorite line from the holiday movie, Elf?   One of my favorites…Buddy the elf, what’s your favorite color?

It sounds silly.  It sounds simple.  I’m sure we all have that color that comes to mind.  What is it?

Is it yellow?  The color of the sun as it warms your skin.  The color that is happiness and hope.  The yellow rose of Texas or a fresh lemon pie.  Yellow is joy.

Is it red?  The color that is passion and confidence.  A perfect red apple, a red Corvette or a woman in a red pair of heels.  You know you walk a little taller and hold your head a little higher in those heels.

Is it blue?  The color that is tranquility and inspiration.  The perfect blue of the Caribbean, the clear blue of the sky as you watch birds fly overhead or that favorite pair of jeans.  You know the ones that fit just right.

Or is it white?  The color of purity and innocence.  The new beginning of a world that is covered in fresh fallen snow, the perfect white daisy as you peel back the petals…he loves me, he loves me not or the thick, fluffy marshmallow before it melts on a stick in an evening campfire.

Colors reflect our mood.  They reflect our personality.  Our favorites can differ from day to day.  Life events can impact the colors that make us want to stand out or fade into the background.  

Life lesson:  Broken crayons still color.  No matter how broken you may feel you have a color that the people around you need.  Put that color out into the world.

Get out those red heels…grab that leopard handbag…drape yourself in Barbie pink and go be the rockstar you were created to be!

Go do your thing ladies.  He’s got you!

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Happy Shopping Ladies!!!


I am so excited to be sharing this site with you. It has been a dream of mine for many years. I believe in the value of a statement piece. Something that makes you feel special, something that sets you apart.

So, as you browse the site, I hope you are encouraged and find an amazing piece or two.

In the words of fashion icon Iris Apfel, “More is more and less is a bore.”

Happy Shopping Ladies!!!