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“To have style you have to know who you are!” – Iris Apfel

How would you describe your personal style?  What three words speak to who you are?  Are you classic, edgy, boho, romantic, sporty or trendy?  Glamorous, feminine, relaxed or quirky?  We all know the pieces in our wardrobe that make us feel most confident.  The pieces that make us walk a little taller.  The pieces that we go to when we have a special event, a first date or something as simple as just wanting to rule the day like a BOSS.  The ones that always make you smile.

I have worked in retail management for 27+ years.  Style has changed throughout those years and it will continue to do so.  Your style may change with the seasons or you may live your life making the most of “your” three words. 

My style has changed.  My “three words” have been different based on my season of life.  There have been times where my confidence allowed me to try anything and other times where blending in was my only focus.  Today I am proud to say I am a 70’s country rockstar!  I am a representation of the old Donny and Marie song “A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock ‘N Roll”. (I know I just aged myself but that’s okay). 

It is always a good day when I leave the house in bell bottoms, cowboy boots and a great leather jacket!  If you can put studs on that jacket or boots it’s even better.

Now that may not be you.  Heck, that may not be anybody else and that’s okay.  We are all different and we are all a beautiful representation of who we were created to be.  Be confident in that woman.

I love this quote by fashion designer, Diane Von Furstenberg.

“If you have it you can make anything look good”know who you are.” 

Diane Von Furstenberg

So, hold your head high.  Be confident whether you are in leggings and sneakers or a suit and heels.You look amazing.  Rock your style.  It’s who you are and there is no mistake in that.

Go do your thing ladies.  He’s got you!

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I am so excited to be sharing this site with you. It has been a dream of mine for many years. As my gift to you, use the code below and get an extra 15% off at checkout for first-time buyers.

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Happy Shopping Ladies!!!


I am so excited to be sharing this site with you. It has been a dream of mine for many years. I believe in the value of a statement piece. Something that makes you feel special, something that sets you apart.

So, as you browse the site, I hope you are encouraged and find an amazing piece or two.

In the words of fashion icon Iris Apfel, “More is more and less is a bore.”

Happy Shopping Ladies!!!